Macro sample 479


This maize sample (ECA-3) comes from the Central Plaza area and was recovered from a small hearth feature intruding into floor 1. Chapdelaine et al. (2009:194-195) suggest this hearth was part of the Gallinazo occupation even though the date seems late and could have been associated with the last ritual practiced at the site by the Gallinazo people before they were moved inland to Guadalupito in phase Moche IV.

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Chapdelaine, C., V. Pimentel and J. Gamboa
    2009    Gallinazo Cultural Identity in the Lower Santa Valley: Ceramics, Architecture, Burial Patterns, and Sociopolitical Organization. In Gallinazo: An Early Cultural Tradition on the Peruvian North Coast, edited by J.-F. Millaire, pp. 181-206, Monograph No. 66. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, UCLA, Los Angeles.


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