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Carbonized maize stem/stalk fragments where recovered from Unit VIII and XI in Pits 2J and 2X and maize charcoal was directly dated by Bloom et al. (1983:418) from Unit XI, Pit 2J. According to Bloom et al. (1983:418) this evidence demonstrates that the Maya were active cultivators on this floodplain by the Middle Pre-Classic period. Bloom et al. (1983:418) state that when considering the carbon isotope fractionation of the maize, this date could be pushed back 200 yrs.

Radiocarbon Date

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Bloom, P. R., M. Pohl, C. Buttleman, F. Wiseman, A. Covich, C. Miksicek, J. Ball and J. Stein
    1983    Prehistoric Maya Wetland Agriculture and the Alluvial Soils near San Antonio Rio Hondo, Belize. Nature 301(3):417-419.


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