Macro sample 559


Charred maize recovered from a pit in Feature 31, Premound A structure (Story and Valastro 1977: Table 1). This sample's age reported as: 1553±175, but is corrected for fractionation in this database using the formula from Reimer, Brown and Reimer (2004). Story and Valastro (1977:67) suggest that this sample is an outlier that is likely much too early for the site, and could be removed from consideration. This makes sense since there are two other maize samples from the same pit that are much later and in agreement with each other (M-1168 and Tx-105).

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Story, Dee Ann and S. Valastro, Jr.
    1977    Radiocarbon Dating and the George C. Davis Site, Texas. Journal of Field Archaeology 4(1):63-89.


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