Macro sample 563


Maize sample recovered from Village Unit 10, Structure Feature 125, 2nd of 3 superimposed hearths (Story and Valastro 1977: Table 1). This sample's age reported as: 800±70, but is corrected for fractionation in this database using the formula from Reimer, Brown and Reimer (2004). In this case the sample was thought to be maize stalk mixed with charred cane, so with a correction factor based on the δ13C value of -10.0, considering the possibility that the cane may also have been a C4 grass.

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Story, Dee Ann and S. Valastro, Jr.
    1977    Radiocarbon Dating and the George C. Davis Site, Texas. Journal of Field Archaeology 4(1):63-89.


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