Micro sample 456


Starch consistent with Zea mays, recovered from dental calculus. This date is on collagen from human bone recovered at the site, though it is not stated if this is the individual from which the calculus was recovered (Wesolowski et al. 2010:1327).

Radiocarbon Date

Attached Files

Starch grain, consistent with Zea mays, that may have been altered (Wesolowski et al. 2010:1331, Fig. 5 c).

References Cited

Wesolowski, V., S. M. Ferraz MendonÁa de Souza, K. J. Reinhard and G. Ceccantini
    2010    Evaluating Microfossil Content of Dental Calculus from Brazilian Sambaquis. Journal of Archaeological Science 37(6):1326-1338.


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