Micro sample 467


A sample of maize starch grains was recovered from four edge ground cobble tools (milling stones) (Artifact Nos. 42 with 1 grain; 26b with 2 grains; 38 with 1 grain; and 439 with 7 grains) in Zone C, Blocks 2, 3, and 1S3E (Piperno et al. 2000:894, Table 1). These artifacts are very likely associated with radiocarbon sample UCR-3417, since they are from the same levels in Zone C, and are stratigraphically below the younger sample NZA-10929. The dated material was an associated sample of phytoliths collected from the surrounding sediments.

Radiocarbon Date

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Maize starch grain recovered from milling stone No. 42. Scale bar = 5 um. (Piperno et al. 2000: 896, Fig. 1d)

References Cited

Piperno, D. R., A. J. Ranere, I. Holst and P. Hansell
    2000    Starch Grains Reveal Early Root Crop Horticulture in the Panamanian Tropical Forest. Nature 407:894-897.


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