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Maize pollen grains were identified in six human coprolites (Numbers: 9, 11, 12, 14, 24, and 34) from the Gavilanes 2 phase features at the site (Weir and Bonavia 1985:99-100, see Graph 1). The carbon sample used to date this phase came from stratum 3 at the bottom of an excavation trench through Pit 1 (Bonavia 1982:74). This represents the earliest date in which maize pollen was encountered at this site, but because this is not a direct date on the coprolites, it is not certain that they are contemporaneous with the dated organic material. A few maize kernels were also encountered in Gavilanes 2 phase coprolites and they looked similar to those recovered by Weir and Eling in the North coast of Perú (Weir and Bonavia 1985:100-101).

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