Micro sample 513


Zea pollen grains, presumably maize because of their large size, first appear in a stratigraphic core at 865 cm below the lake surface (approximately 220 cm below the lake bed) (Watts and Bradbury 1982:60-61). No Zea pollen was found deeper than this level. A radiocarbon sample (QL-1342) was taken just below this depth, between 878 and 881 cm, so it is slightly older than the earliest maize pollen.

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Watts, W. A. and J. Platt Bradbury
    1982    Paleoecological Studies at Lake Patzcuaro on the West-Central Mexican Plateau and at Chalco in the Basin of Mexico. Quaternary Research 17:56-70.


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