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An AMS date was obtained on a sample of black peat recovered from Core sample, SOC05-2, at a depth 467-468 cmbs (Kennett et al. 2010:3403: Table 1). Although there were no maize phytoliths recovered from the sample at this exact depth (467-469 cmbs), maize phytoliths were recovered from a sample just above it at a depth of 464-460 cmbs. Kennett et al. (2010:3407) state that, "Maize leaf and cob phytoliths, including burned examples, were present in the samples, further suggesting deliberate land clearance associated with slash and burn systems." Since this sample, near the base of the core, is only a few centimeters above the AMS dated peat (AA-63354), they estimated that it dates to ~6500 calBP.

Radiocarbon Date

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Kennett, Douglas J., Dolores R. Piperno, John G. Jones, Hector Neff, Barbara Voorhies, Megan K. Walsh and Brendan J. Culleton
    2010    Pre-Pottery Farmers on the Pacific Coast of Southern Mexico. Journal of Archaeological Science 37(12):3401-3411.


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