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A pollen sample (Lab #569) collected from Operation V, Unit 19, Cuad S13, Level 12, Feature 59, yielded 32 grains of maize pollen. A radiocarbon date was obtained on a sample of plant fiber from Feature 114 in the same Cuadrant, giving an closely associated indirect date for the pollen sample (Haas et al. 2013: Tables SI01 and SI02).

Radiocarbon Date

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Haas, Jonathan, Winifred Creamer, Luis Huamán Mesía, David Goldstein, Karl Reinhard and Cindy Vergel Rodríguez
    2013    Evidence for Maize (Zea mays) in the Late Archaic (3000-1800 B.C.) in the Norte Chico Region of Peru. PNAS Early Edition:1-5.


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