Micro sample 438


Pollen associated with peaty sediment sample from Core CB3-301at a depth of 297 and 305cm (Pohl et al. 1996:361).

Polen asociado con muestra de sedimento turboso en "Core CB3-301" a una profundidad entre 297 y 305cm (Pohl et al. 1996:361).

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Pohl, M. D., K. O. Pope, J. G. Jones, J. S. Jacob, D. R. Piperno, S. D. D. France, D. L. Lentz, J. A. Gifford, M. E. Danforth and J. K. Josserand
    1996    Early agriculture in the Maya Lowlands. Latin American Antiquity 7(4):355-372.


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