Macro sample 548


Maize cob collected by David Kelley in 1957, from N1/Pit II Level 5, and currently archived in the Harvard Herbaria collection. Benz et al. (2011) sampled and measured this maize cob in 2010 (Sample ID 81: cob #1, sample B).

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Benz, Bruce F., Michael Blake and Virginia Popper
    2011    AMS Radiocarbon Dates and Morphological Measurements for Archaeological Maize Samples from Los Gavilanes (Huarmey). Unpublished Preliminary Report Submitted to Harvard University Herbaria. On File with Laboratory of Archaeology, University of B.C., Vancouver.

Kelley, D. H. and D. Bonavia
    1963    New Evidence for Preceramic Maize on the Coast of Peru. Ñawpa Pacha 1:39-41.


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