Micro sample 569


This date is on a leaf (labeled CL-288) that was recovered at a depth of 62.41 cm below the bottom of the lake bed, and closely associated with the earliest Zea pollen collected in the core column, which occurred at 62.2 cm (Ekdahl et al. 2004:Table DR1). (Note: The leaf sample was split in two to produce two separate dates. See CAMS-94414 for the date obtained on the other half that was labeled CL-288#).

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Ekdahl, Erik J., Jane L. Teranes, Thomas P. Guilderson, Charles L. Turton, John H. McAndrews, Chad A. Wittkop and Eugene F. Stoermer
    2004    Prehistorical Record of Cultural Eutrophication from Crawford Lake, Canada. Geology 32(9):745-748.


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