Micro sample 572


This radiocarbon sample dates Zone 2,in a core sample recovered from the Lake bed. This zone has the highest percentages of Zea (maize) pollen in the entire core (Wahl et al 2006:385). The AMS sample was recovered from a depth of 2.44 m and is composed of mixed organic materials used to indirectly date the Zea pollen. Zea pollen continues up to depths corresponding to about 1000 cal bp, and then drops out--suggesting abandonment of the area during the Late Classic Period.

Radiocarbon Date

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References Cited

Wahl, David, Roger Byrne, Thomas Schreiner and Richard Hansen
    2006    Holocene Vegetation Change in the Northern Peten and Its Implications for Maya Prehistory. Quaternary Research 65(3):380-389.


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