Edwin Harness Mound


Carbonized maize kernels from this Middle Woodland period site were directly dated using AMS dating in the mid-1980s by Richard Ford, who reported two dates at a 1987 conference, but they remained unpublished. They were later published by Bruce Smith (1992:291).

Historic Information on the site: link to website: http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/image.php?img=1645

ID Other ID Type Subtype Uncal BP (years) ± 1 σ (years) Median cal BP (years) Lower cal BP (years) Upper cal BP (years) δ13C Contaminated?
Not Avail. B MacroSample kernel 1720 105 1637 1875 1404 No
Not Avail. A MacroSample kernel 1730 85 1647 1863 1417 No

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