Donaldson / Matty Canyon


AZ EE:2:30. This site is a deeply buried Early Agricultural period habitation site located on the floodplain of Matty Wash upstream of its confluence with Cienega Creek. Excavations carried out at the site by Eddy and Cooley (1983), and B. Huckell (1995; 2001) have discovered evidence of maize associated with pithouses and other features such as pits, burials, and midden deposits.

ID Other ID Type Subtype Uncal BP (years) ± 1 σ (years) Median cal BP (years) Lower cal BP (years) Upper cal BP (years) δ13C Contaminated?
AA-13125 MacroSample cupule 2505 50 2580 2743 2366 No
AA-13124 MacroSample cupule 2320 55 2339 2675 2154 No

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