Tularosa Cave


ID Other ID Type Subtype Uncal BP (years) ± 1 σ (years) Median cal BP (years) Lower cal BP (years) Upper cal BP (years) δ13C Contaminated?
Beta-160185 MacroSample cob 950 50 854 953 742 No
Beta-166754 MacroSample cob 850 40 760 905 684 No
Beta-166753 MacroSample cob 1900 40 1845 1928 1727 No
Beta-166755 MacroSample cob 1920 40 1867 1969 1735 No
Beta-162533 MacroSample cob 710 50 665 732 558 No
Beta-162534 MacroSample cob 830 50 746 905 672 No

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