Turkey Pen Ruin


Turkey Pen Ruin site is located in Grand Gulch as it descends on the west side of Cedar Mesa, UT. It is one of many Basketmaker II period sites excavated by R.G. Matson, Bill Lipe and their colleagues beginning in the 1970s (Matson 1991:77). Turkey Pen was first investigated in the 1890s by Richard Wetherill. Matson (1991:92-95) recovered well preserved maize remains from a small block excavation in the site in 1972, including cobs and other maize parts as well as maize fragments and pollen from human coprolites. Maize was more abundant at the site than any other plant food--either domesticated or wild.

ID Other ID Type Subtype Uncal BP (years) ± 1 σ (years) Median cal BP (years) Lower cal BP (years) Upper cal BP (years) δ13C Contaminated?
WSU-3513 MacroSample cob 2050 80 2024 2304 1825 No
Beta-256926 MacroSample unknown 1010 40 929 1050 795 No
WSU-3512 MacroSample cob 1980 60 1934 2115 1817 No
Beta-256927 MacroSample unknown 1900 40 1845 1928 1727 No
AA-84948 MacroSample cob 1839 36 1775 1871 1700 -11.3 No

Attached Files

View of Turkey Pen Cave. (Photo by Rob Gay, Panoramio, Google Earth).Vista de la Cueva Turkey Pen. (Foto por Rob Gay, Panoramio, Google Earth).
View towards Turkey Pen Cave, Grand Gulch, UT. (Photo by ID58, Panoramio, Google Earth).Vista hacia la Cueva Turkey Pen, Grand Gulch, Utah. (Foto por ID58, Panoramio, Google Earth).
Stratigraphic profile of R.G. Matson's (1991) block excavation unit excavated in 1972, showing locations of dated samples (Speller et al. 2010: SI Fig. 3).Perfil estratigráfico del bloque de la unidad de excavación de 1972 excavado por Matson (1991) mostrando la ubicación de las muestras fechadas (Speller et al. 2010: SI Figura 3).

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